The TouchStone Accreditation & Assessment Management System was developed to fill the need for a common platform that allows managing accreditation, assessments and quality review following standards compliance across multiple industries and programs of accreditation. It allows your organization to engage, track and manage customers, assessors and the entire accreditation and assessment review process from initial quote to accreditation maintenance in a seamless web based environment. The core of our system is to have a flexible architecture with different modules so that the system itself can be adapted and utilized in a variety of ways to meet our clients’ needs.

TouchStone was created by AboutWeb, a leading provider of IT Solutions with extensive experience providing custom software development to accreditation bodies, quality review management bodies and risk assessment organizations in the Federal and Local Government as well as Commercial and Associations. We developed this system in collaboration with our clients so it is designed to work for organizations across a wide spectrum of markets and to integrate with a number of technology infrastructures and environments.


  • ISO/IEC 17011 Conformity Assessment
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Testing/Calibration Laboratories
  • ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Bodies
  • ISO/IEC 17043 Proficiency Testing Providers
  • ISO/IEC 17065 Product Certification Bodies
  • ISO/IEC 27001 - Information Security Mgmt
  • Cryptographic and Security Testing
  • ISO Guide 34 Reference Materials Producers
  • Clinical Testing Laboratories



Based on feedback from industry leaders, Touchstone is built to help streamline internal review and accreditation processes across a wide range of manufacturing industries.


Due to the regulatory environment and fast moving changes within Healthcare, monitoring and review of internal processes is critical. TouchStone's core foundations and highly configurable functionality allow it to meet health organizations' needs today and adapt for tomorrow.


Serving Calibration Laboratories is what TouchStone was initially built for. TouchStone has expanded to help other organizations but our tool is still the best laboratory accreditation suite available. New features continue to be added to help accreditation bodies implement a new process to better serve their clients.


Core elements of TouchStone were adapted for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to provide an assessment tool for firefighter organizations to facilitate better risk mitigation and implement safety procedures.


Conduct information system and facility security assessments for diverse number of clients, allowing them to view assessor's findings reports and maintain their security posture.


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Customized Workflow Capabilities

The primary feature of the TouchStone System is the ability to create, customize, and structure multiple workflows. This is critical for the assessment fields because individual criteria, assessment protocols, and processes can be modeled into the system so that each workflow reflects the individual assessment process.

As our system has expanded, our workflow module has been built to be customized so that all the features can be turned on, off or even re-purposed so that our product works for you as you customize. Easy Administrator interfaces give the control of the workflows to our clients, helping to ensure that the workflows follow our clients’ needs…and don’t get in the way of getting things done.

Built-in Document Management

The TouchStone Document Management module is a core component of our system, with wide-ranging functionality and flexibility, designed and tested for enterprise applications. This piece allows the TouchStone system to handle a wide range of document formats, store them securely, and integrate the data into our client’s workflow so that everything is all in one place.

This module has saved our clients the need to integrate multiple systems into the TouchStone system, though that remains an option, reducing complexity, maintenance efforts, and increasing usability.

Flexible Modular Architecture

The TouchStone system was built to be flexible from the ground up. Our modular approach allows our clients to adapt the system as they need to make sure that our product adapts to their processes and functions, not the other way around. By designing the core functionality and architecture to incorporate other modules, such as a Communications module, Workflow Module and File Management module, we have been the “right solution” for a wide variety of organizations and industries because our system works For them. All the key modules are including in our pricing as well so there are no up-charges or hidden costs.

We can build custom components and modules too, based around our core architecture and on your specific organizations needs, so that you will have a custom-built application suite at a fraction of the cost.

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Easy Branding

The core architecture of the system is built on a standard open-source platform without a defined front-end style. TouchStone has several front-end themes to chose from, included in the price which can be modified easily to brand the product, changing color schemes, adjusting element locations and even language and images, and make it look and feel like our clients other internal applications. We can also incorporate more specific branding using client-provided CSS layouts to give a truly customized appearance that still incorporates all the functionality provided by TouchStone.


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TouchStone is designed, developed and supported by our own internal team of software developers. We know the product and we developed based on the needs of our clients. Our Architects will work with you to build a custom data migration/integration solution to achieve the smoothest transition to TouchStone.


The TouchStone system was developed on a customizable, modular approach. We built it so it could be adapted to our clients’ needs. We have a dedicated TouchStone Development team that works with our clients to build out new functionality as they need it.


Our support solutions include a variety of options from FAQ’s to custom development of new features. Our Support team is all in-house with direct access to our Architects and software development team, ensuring prompt, accurate and detailed resolution to issues.


TouchStone is designed to be hosted either by our clients or in our Cloud Infrastructure. There are positives to both sides but giving our clients the choice is very important to us. Our hosted services include full managed server environments with a number of flexible options to ensure that TouchStone and the underlying infrastructure support our clients’ needs.


TouchStone can be deployed quickly and in nearly any technology environment. Having different clients with different technology platforms, we know it is important to make sure that our system can work were it is needed and make sure that it can integrate with a variety of technologies. We have a number of hooks that take advantage of standard API’s for other commercial products and works with most common databases.


TouchStone training is based around the needs of our clients. Any typical installation will include a customized training curriculum built around the core functionality features so that our clients can make the system work for them.


On Premises

  • Hosted in your own environment
  • This provides maximum control over all aspects of the environment as well as the ability to configure the system to integrate directly into existing applications and infrastructure.

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On Demand

  • Cloud Hosted Solution
  • Full, Managed Cloud Hosting in a secure hosting environment that provides maximum flexible over the system through service offerings. TouchStone can respond to peak load, fluctuations in work cycles, and protect against outages, all while keeping costs low and paying only for the services you need.

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Customizable Services

The TouchStone team is made up of internal employees only always working to make the system bigger and better. Our team’s unique product knowledge has allowed us to work with our clients to design, develop, and implement custom solutions, based on our product system, at a fraction of full custom solution.

The TouchStone team leverages our relationship with AboutWeb, LLC. AboutWeb has been providing custom IT solutions support to non-profit, government, commercial and association organizations for over fifteen years. We also have a full staffing division in place so that we can scale our resources as needed to meet any size project.



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